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It is easy enough to calculate the inverse of the matrices having order 2 x 2 with the help of a pen and paper but when it comes to finding the inverse of a matrix whose order is 4 x 4, it becomes a little more tiring task. Moreover, the process includes numerous tedious calculations and after getting the results, you may not be be sure whether the result is accurate or not and will likely need to double check your manual calculations. Who really wants to work so hard just to find out the inverse of a 4 x 4 matrix? To make math calculations easier, this 4 x 4 matrix inverse calculator by iCalculator can calculate out the inverse of the matrices having order 4 x 4 within seconds, which is tiresome for most people to do manually.

4x4 Matrix Inverse Calculator
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4x4 Matrix Inverse Calculator. This image shows the properties and Matrix formula for the 4x4 Matrix Inverse Calculator

About the 4 x 4 matrix inverse calculator

The formula that is used to calculate the inverse of a 4 x 4 matrix (say A) is:

A - 1 = 1/ det(A) × adj(A)


  • A-1 is the inverse of matrix A
  • det(A) is the determinant of the given matrix
  • adj(A) is the adjoint of the given matrix

Using this online calculator is quite painless. You just have to enter the elements of two 4 x 4 matrices in the required fields and hit the enter button get immediate results.

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