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Absolute difference is essentially the distance between 2 numbers on a line, calculated using the formula x - y. The absolute difference is the value between two numbers, this is always an absolute value which is a non-negative number. The absolute value calculator by iCalculator™, will provide the difference between the two values entered and the absolute value between the two numbers entered so you can compare them side by side. You can also see the calculations and the absolute difference formula for your reference and to check your own calculations.

Absolute Difference Calculator
Absolute Difference Calculator Results
The difference (d) between and is
The absolute difference between and is
The absolute difference (ad) formula and calculations
d = x - y
d = -
d =
ad = |d|
ad =
Absolute Difference Calculator Input Values
1st Value (x) =
2nd Value (y) =

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How to use the Absolute Difference Calculator

  1. Enter the input for x
  2. Enter the input for y
  3. The Absolute Difference Calculator will calculate the absolute difference with the results appearing underneath the calculator

The Difference between Relative and Absolute Difference

Calculating the absolute difference provides a simple indication of the difference between 2 sets of numbers, for example: 4.5 -2.3 = 2.2 with 2.2 being the difference. Relative difference, however, expresses this change as a percentage.

How is Absolute Difference Applicable throughout life?

Being able to calculate absolute difference is a calculation that often occurs through day to day life. Although it tends to go unnoticed, its actually commonly used. When you pay for your shopping using a £20 note either the cashier mentally calculates or uses a device to calculate the absolute difference between the change given and the total price, in which you receive change, being the absolute difference in this scenario.

This formula acts as a simple base for a variety of calculations, whether its calculating the length of time left before a deadline, distance, speed and so forth, if you are trying to calculate the difference between two points then you are in fact using and applying the absolute difference formula.

Absolute Values

Absolute values is the term used to explain the distance between a number from 0. The absolute value is never negative, it is either always positive or 0. This is due to the absolute value referring to magnitude rather than direction. For example, in terms of absolute value, both 1 and 5 are an absolute difference of 2, but if direction were to be considered, 1 would be -2 away with 5 being +2 away.

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