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The area conversion calculator converts a given area from one unit to another. When we talk about units, one must understand that units help us to compare the items, objects or mathematical elements that are the same and make calculations easier.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Area Conversion Calculator

Let's start by looking at area and units with a simple example:

Suppose someone visits your country and wants to know how far a certain place is. Chances are you may understand distance in a different way. Your country may have miles while theirs measures distance in kilometers, or vice versa. And then there are some uncanny people who measure distance in terms of time taken to reach somewhere. Strange, but it does happen.

Doing all the conversions manually is possible, but it's a time consuming and tedious process because one has to remember how much of one unit is equal to the other. This is the exact reason why math calculators came into existence, to make things easy for us.

iCalculator is a groundbreaking portal to help you with the same. With a plethora of online calculators, you simply need to choose the one that suits your requirements.

Now, before we talk about the area conversion calculator in detail, here are a few things we'd like to discuss.

What is an Area?

In simple words, area is defined as the overall span of a 2 dimensional shape. From circles to triangles to polygons, every geometric shape has a span. For example, if there's a rectangle ABCD which is 40cm long and 30cm wide, the total area of such a rectangle will be the product of the two sides, i.e, 1200cm².

How to Use the Area Conversion Calculator?

The conversion calculator is an extremely simple to use math calculator. All you need to do is enter the value that you want to convert. After that, you simply need to choose the unit you want to convert from and the unit want the are to convert into.

After that, the online calculator by iCalculator gives you the accurate result in converted units.

How Area Conversion Calculator Works?

Let's understand the area conversion calculator's functionality through a simple example. We know 1m is equal to 100cm. Now, consider a square ABCD with side length of 100cm.

The area of such a square will be the square of the side, i.e. (100)², which, in turn is equal to 10000cm².

If we convert all the above units into meters, we'll have the following equation

100cm = 1m
(100 x 100)cm² = (1 x 1)m²
10000cm² = 1m²

The conversion may look easy when you have such an easy measurement to convert. But things don't stay that simple when we have big numbers, often comprising of decimals too.

Why Do We Need an Area Conversion Calculator?

The example we discussed above is merely a case of converting centimeters squared into meters squared. What if you need to convert square feet into square yards, hectares, square miles or a square inch? Do you remember the formulas for converting all the units?

Exactly, and this is where the area conversion calculator developed by iCalculator comes into the picture. With its highly accurate algorithms and formula, you can convert any unit of area and another.

Use of Area Conversion Calculator in Daily Life

Suppose you are planning to buy new floor tiles for your house. While the size of the house is in feet and inches, the floor tiles come in the units of centimeters (cm). Now, when you try to figure out how many floor tiles you may need, you take the area of the tile as well as the area of a room.

As a result, you'll have an area in cm² at one hand another an area in feet² at another. To calculate how many tiles will fit in, you'll need to convert one unit of area into another to get the right answer.


The world of comparative areas is closely intertwined. From how big a stadium is (in units you are familiar with) to calculating the cost of a given apartment, area conversion plays a vital role in making more informed decisions. At the same time, math problems revolving around unit conversion also keeps many students at their wits' end. To make sure none of these becomes a tedious task, a quick and accurate area conversion calculator becomes the need of the hour. If you are looking for an online calculator that does makes area conversion calculation simple, you are at the right place.

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