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Online Cylinder Calculator, enter known measurements to calculate the cylinder properties and volume of a cylinder. Each cylinder property calculation is clearly shown with the relevant equation shown and detailed workings out so you can check you math homework / coursework for accuracy. You can print and/or email the Cylinder Calculations so you have a reference for later use.

Cylinder Calculator
Cylinder Calculator Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
The Base Area of the Cylinder is
The Lateral Surface of the Cylinder is
The Surface Area of the Cylinder is
The Volume of the Cylinder is
The Circumference of the Cylinder is
Base area of a cylinder calculation
Ab = πr2
Ab = π × r2
Ab = × 2
Ab = ×
Ab =
Lateral Surface of a cylinder calculation
sl = 2πrh
sl = 2 × π × r × h
sl = 2 × × ×
sl =
Surface area of a cylinder calculation
As = 2πrh + 2πr2
As = (2 × π × r × h) + (2 × π × r2)
As = (2 × × × ) + (2 × × 2)
As = + (2 × × )
As = +
As =
Volume of a cylinder calculation
V = πr2h
V = π × r2 × h
V = × 2 ×
V = × ×
V =
Circumference of a cylinder calculation
c = 2πr
c = 2 × π × r
c = 2 × ×
c =
Cylinder Calculator Input Values
Diameter (D)
Radius (r)
Height [or Length] (L)

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Cylinder Calculator. This image shows the properties and formula for the Cylinder Calculator

Some of the Benefits of a Cylinder Calculator that No One Told You About

Why do people use cylinder calculators when they could do the required calculations on their own? Have you tried doing math calculations manually? Rarely we come across a living genius who can do all math calculations on their own and don't require help. Math formula recolection and computation is great for the math genius out there but not all of us are able to calculate mathematical shapes and recall 3d shape formulas so quickly and accurately. For people like you and me there are online calculators to do the longest calculations in seconds. So you can do the cylindric calculations too with these calculations tools.

Talking about cylinders only, we will see that of all the shapes that we encounter in our daily life, cylinders are the popular ones. Whether it is the pen or pencil you write with, the pipe in your room, the gas cylinder in your kitchen, your water bottle, or an electric pole, everything is a cylinder. Performing calculations to find their height, width, e, etc. can be a daunting task in our daily life.

What is the need for a cylinder calculator?

It is easy for some to remember the formulas related to the calculation of a cylinder but to implement them in every situation is not feasible. It might be possible in a classroom but think of the construction or manufacturing units, how many times they are required to do these calculations. It's not convenient for them to repeatedly indulge in manual calculations. A big reason is that the major operations in a cylinder are related to π and performing calculations that include a fraction is a time-consuming activity.

Using a cylinder calculator can save your time and hard labor that can be utilized somewhere else. Let us learn more about the cylinder, its properties, some calculations related to cylinders, and look at how cylinders are used in our daily life.

How do we define a cylinder?

A cylinder is a 3-D solid figure that is made up of a lateral surface and two congruent surfaces (bases). Although, there are numerous forms of a cylinder (such as a generalized cylinder or oblique circular cylinder), whenever we are talking about cylinders, we generally mean right circular cylinders.

The base of a cylinder may be circular or rectangular.

The major properties of a cylinder

A cylinder is one of the most common shapes we come across in our day to day lives. Here are some of the most important properties of a cylinder:

  • The two bases of a cylinder are congruent and always parallel to each other.
  • In case, if the bases of the cylinder are exactly over each other and its axis is a right angle to the base then the cylinder is called a "right cylinder"
  • If the bases of a cylinder are circles, then it is known as a right circular cylinder
  • Due to the reason that a cylinder has the same cross section everywhere, it is similar to a prism
  • Instead of a circle, if the base of the cylinder is an ellipse, then the cylinder is known as an 'elliptical cylinder'

Calculation of volume and surface areas of cylinders

The volume of a cylinder may be defined as the number of cubic units that will fill in the cylinder completely.

The formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder is:

V= πr2h


  1. V is the volume of the cylinder
  2. π is a constant whose value is 22/7 or 3.14
  3. r is the radius of the base and h is the height of the cylinder

A cylinder has three surface areas including the base, lateral and total surface e. The formulas for different types of surface areas are given by:

  1. Base surface e - πr2 sq. units (for individual base)
  2. Lateral surface e- 2πrh sq. units
  3. Total surface e - 2πr(r+h) sq. units


  1. π is a constant
  2. r is the radius of the base
  3. h is the height of the cylinder

Importance of cylinder calculators in our daily life

We encounter numerous cylinders every day. If we were told to calculate the volumes or surface areas of some of them, it would be a difficult task for a lot of us, particularly for those who left school/college some time ago. Although scientists are well aware of the properties of a cylinder, they prefer using a cylinder calculator when they are preparing for a satellite launch. Making the pipes of the car steering columns, tube lights, water bottle, everything includes calculations related to cylinders. All you need to do is to enter the given properties in the required fields and you will get your solutions within seconds.

If you understand the importance of cylinder calculators, it could be the most efficient tool for you to perform some of the most difficult problems in the easiest way. We have created a simple user interface to demonstrate the easy use of a cylinder calculator. You can use this calculator to get your answers just by inputting the required fields.

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