Distance Converter

The distance converter converts distance into relative units, for example metres into yards.

  1. Enter the distance value to be converted
  2. Select known distance unit
  3. The Distance Calculator will convert your distance to all other distance measurements
Distance Converter

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Did you know? It is 363,104,000 metres to the nearest point on the moon, which is the equivalent length of exactly 1,296,800 Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers (Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier is 280 metres long) or the height of 1,186,614.379 Shard buildings ( the Shard is the tallest building in the UK at 306 metres).

Metric Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Kilometre (km)0.001Metre (m)1
Decimetre (dm)10Centimetre (cm)100
Millimetre (mm)1000Micon (µ)1000000
Nanometre (nm)1000000000Angstrom (Aring;)10000000000
Picometres (pm)1000000000000
Imperial Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Ell0.8749Yard (yd)1.094
Pace1.312Cubit (cu)2.187
Foot (ft)3.281Nail4.374
Inch (in)39.37Finger44.99
Mil (mil)39,370Microinch39,370,000
Space and Light Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Red shift (z)1303000000000000000000000000Parsec (pc)30860000000000000
Light-year (l.y.)9460730472580800Light-day25902068371200
Light-hour1079252848800astronomical unit (au)149600000000
Nautical Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Nautical League0.00018Nautical Mile0.00054
Admiralty mile0.0005396Admiralty cable length0.005396
Surveyors Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Furlong0.004971Ramsden's (engineers') chain (ch)0.03281
Gunter's (surveyors') chain (ch)0.04971Gurley's chain (ch)0.09942
Gunter's (surveyors') pole0.1988Gunter's (surveyors') foot (ft)3.281
Gurley's link4.971

Distance Conversion

Distance Converter: Free online distance converter with metric, imperial, current and historical distance conversion

The distance converter is provided for calculation and conversion of distances online. The converter is free to use within the iCalculator website. Distance conversion can be interesting, particularly for the younger elements of society who are often baffled by the number of imperial distance units in a metric measurement. Metric distances and international standardisation of distance units has dramatically simplified distance conversion. It is easy to travel between countries and understand the speed limits, currency calculations and so forth.

Centimetre is the correct spelling, not centimeter. The same applies to metre, it is not meter. The spellings were part of the internationally agreed unit of measurement act designed to allow simple exchange of information and trading.

Please contact us if you notice any errors or if you know a measurement unit that isn't on the conversion calculator whether current distance units of measurement or historical distance units of measurement.