Math Section 16 - Functions

In this set of Math Tutorials we cover Functions in detail with clear guides, Functions formulas and working examples. Each tutorial includes example questions, a revision guide and supporting Functions calculators.

We also provide online Functions Calculators which allow you to calculate specific Functions formula in support of the tutorials or to check and verify your own calculations in support of your Functions homework, math coursework or to help you improve your own understanding so it is easier to teach your children Functions.

Functions Learning Material and Functions Study Aide
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialVideo
16.1Relation and Function
16.2Injective, Surjective and Bijective Functions. Graphs of Functions
16.3Basic Functions
16.4Composite Functions
16.5Piecewise Functions
16.6Inverse Functions
16.7Even and Odd Functions

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Functions Tutorials Snapshot

Functions Calculators

The following Math Calculators are provided in support of the Functions tutorials.