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The Interesting World of Mathematics Power Calculator

Mathematics power, or simply exponent, is the method of multiplying a number by itself. The number in the exponential portion is the number of times you'll need to multiply the number. The mathematics power calculator is a simple maths calculator that tells you how much a number equals in its exponential form. We are talking about squares, cubes and higher exponential powers here.

For example: if you are asked to find out the square of 5, 5², you'll simply need to multiply 5 by itself:

5² = 5 x 5 = 25

Similarly, the cube of 5 will be:

5³ = 5 x 5 x 5 = 125

These numbers may look easy to calculate, some numbers really are. Like the square of 15 (225), or square of 25 (625), or cube of 4 (64), or 34 (3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 81).

But as the numbers go higher and the exponential power increases, finding the right answer starts becoming more and more difficult.

This is where a mathematics power calculator comes into the picture. But before we talk about this math calculator in detail let's take a look at the exponential function in detail.

What is an exponential function?

In its textbook definition, an exponential function is a number with a positive real number in the superscript where the number in the exponential form equals how many times the real number must be multiplied by itself.

Properties of an exponential function

The properties of the exponential function are better understood by the operations we can do on powers:

Exponent Example 1

When multiplying two or more powers with the same base simply, you simply need to add the exponents:

xa × xb × xc = xa + b + c
2² × 2³ × 2⁴ = 2(2 + 3 + 4) = 29 = 512

Exponent Example 2

A power raised to a power multiplies the exponents:

(xa)b = Xa × b
(2²)³ = 22 × 3 = 26 = 64

Exponent Example 3

Raising the power of a product increases the powers of the involved numbers by the same power.

(xy)a = xa × ya
(xy)² = x²y²

Exponent Example 4

Dividing powers with the same base leads to subtraction of the exponents.

xa/xb = x(a-b)
/ = 23-2 = 21 = 2

Exponent Example 5

A non zero bases with exponent = 0 is always yields 1 as answer.

x0 = 1 where x is a non-zero number.

Negative exponents can be written in fractional form.

x-a = 1/xa
2-2 = 1/2² = 1/4 = .25

Exponent Example 6

Exponents with fractional are the roots.

x½ = √x or x =3/x

and so on

How to use the mathematics power calculator

How did you solve exponents in school? The teacher simply asked you, "what is 3 raised to the power 4?" And you simply multiplied 3 by itself 4 times, right? iCalculator developed the mathematics power calculator using the same concept.

You simply need to enter the value of the base number, enter the value of how much you want it to raise to the power of, and that's it. This online calculator will give you the right answer every time. Just make sure the value of power must be a positive integer.

If the value of the base is a negative number, the value entered in the exponent field will determine whether the answer will be a positive integer or a negative one.

For example, if you enter the base as -5, its square will be 25, its cube will be -125, -54 is 625, and so on.

Uses of mathematics power in real life

The area of a geometric shape is in squares, while the volume is in cubes. To understand it better, suppose your bedroom is 12 feet by 12 feet. So you now simply need to know how big your room really is. So what do you do? You multiply 12 by 12, which as 12² = 144 square feet.

If we ask you how fast your mobile is, you say it has a 2 GHz processor, right? Here, GHZ means giga hertz. Do you recall how much is a Giga equal to? Giga is 109, that's 1 followed by 9 zeros. The smaller unit, mega, is 1 followed by 6 zeros, which equals a million.


We often overlook the significance of exponents in our lives. One litre of water in itself is a volume that is equal to 1000 cubic centimeters. But we are not talking about volume or unit conversions here. And that's why we tend to forget exponents are revolving all around us. And when we are asked how much a number raised to the power a certain number equals to, we often find ourselves at our wits' end. This is where this simple math calculator saves the day and performs power calculation in two easy steps.

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