Number Format Converter

Numbers can be specified in a variety of formats, the Number Format calculator below converts numbers entered into the different formats. You can enter a number as a whole number of decimal. This will display the number rounded to the specified number of decimal places, as an integer, a fraction, as a binary number, octal number and hexadecimal number. Alternatively you can enter the number as a fraction to have the same calculations completed as well as converting the fraction to a decimal number.

Number Formats Convertor
Base-2, Base-8 and Base-16 (based on integer defined above, decimal values are discarded in this conversion)
Number Formats Convertor Results(detailed calculations and formula below)
Calculator Input Values
Standard base-10 number unrounded =
Number will be rounded to the number of decimal places selected =
Number will be rounded to the significant figure selected =
An Integer is a e number =
A fraction consists of a numerator(top) and denominator(bottom) numbers, both are integers.(numbers can be prefixed with a e number) = /
base-2 number system using 0 and 1 only =
base-8 number system using 0 up to 7 =
base-16 number system using 0 up to 9, and the letters A to F to represent 10 to 15 =

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