Percentage To Ratio Calculator

The Percentage to Ratio Calculator allows you to convert a percentage to a ratio with clear ratio formula, calculations and tutorial for calculating ratio conversions. simply enter the percentage you wish to convert and the calculator will completion the conversion and display the results directly under the ratio to conversion formula so you can understand how the ratio calculation works. In addition we provide a simple tutorial and explanation of why it is useful to convert percentages to ratios. Simply enter a percentage into the calculator to get started.

Percentage To Ratio Calculator
Percentage To Ratio Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
r = p/100 = p:100
r = p/100 = :100

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations is shown further below this page. As you enter the specific factors of each percentage to ratio calculation, the Percentage To Ratio Calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the formula elements with each element of the percentage to ratio calculation. You can then email or print this percentage to ratio calculation as required for later use.

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Percentage To Ratio. This image shows the properties and percentage to ratio formula for the Percentage To Ratio

How to convert a Percentage to a Ratio with Formula and Calculation

Converting a percentage to a ratio is a very simple math exercise and one you will be able to repeat with ease once you a familiar with the process. First, it is important to understand that a percentage is already a ratio, why? A percentage is a number which is expressed in relation to 100 therefore a percentage is a number expressed as a ratio to 100. In fact, if you look at the percentage symbol (%) you will note that it is made up of the digit one (1) and two zero digits (0). We simply write 67%, 45%, 50% to same time and also to make it easier to read that common ratio in a simple yet international recognised manner. it is far easier to write and read:

67%, 45%, 50%

than it is to write the percentage as a ratio:

67:100 45:100 50:100

or to write the percentage as a fraction:

67/100 45/100 50/100

You may now be wondering why, if a percentage is a simpler way of expressing an amount in relation to a hundred, do we need to convert percent to ratio or percent to fraction, let explore this further.

Why do we convert Percent to Ratio?

It is a common math question and for this simple exercise of conversion the math process may seem unnecessary. The reasons why we convert percentages to ratios and percentages to fractions is:

  1. Converting a percentage to a ratio allows us to simplify the ratio to its lowest divisible amount - see the ratio division tutorial and ratio division calculator for further explanation.
  2. Converting a percentage to a ratio is useful when completing math formula as it allows us to work with more precise numbers and produce more accurate results, we discuss this in more detail in the Ratio to Fraction Calculator and supporting guide.

so, know you understand why it is useful to convert a percent to a ratio, lets look at the formula used for converting percentages to Ratios

Formula for converting a Percentage to a Ratio

The formula for converting a percentage to a ratio can be expressed as follows:

r = p/100 = p:100


  • r = ratio
  • p = percentage

The Percentage to Ratio calculator uses this ratio conversion formula and provides the calculations by:

  1. Converting the percentage to a fraction
  2. Converting the fraction to a ratio
  3. Simplifying the ratio to its lowest form (See the Ratio Simplifier Calculator and tutorial for practical examples and further information).

We hope you found this ratio calculator useful, remember we provide a suite of ratio calculators and supporting tutorials so you can learn how to calculate ratios and check you answers using the online ratio calculators provided within each ratio tutorial.

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