Math Tutorial 7.4 - Surds

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There are 4 lessons in this math tutorial covering Surds. The tutorial starts with an introduction to Surds and is then followed with a list of the separate lessons, the tutorial is designed to be read in order but you can skip to a specific lesson or return to recover a specific math lesson as required to build your math knowledge of Surds. you can access all the lessons from this tutorial below.

In this Math tutorial, you will learn:

  • What are surds?
  • What are transcendental numbers? Where do they differ from surds?
  • What number set do surds and transcendental numbers belong to?
  • What are the different types of surds?
  • What are the properties of surds?
  • What are the four basic operations with surds?


Which of the following numbers can be expressed as finite or infinite recurring decimals?

√2; √4; √3; π (Archimedes' constant); 2πr; 1/9; 22/7; φ (golden ratio); e (Euler's number)

Which number set do the recurring decimals belong to?

The whole part and some digits after the decimal place of π (pi) are 3.14159265. Do you notice any kind of period determined by a certain repetition in these digits?

This tutorial focuses on surds - a term originally used to express irrational numbers but that recently has acquired a slightly different meaning. Therefore, we are going to explain the meaning of surds and also the similarity and difference of surds and irrational numbers - which we dealt with in the first chapter of this course.

Please select a specific "Surds" lesson from the table below, review the video tutorial, print the revision notes or use the practice question to improve your knowledge of this math topic.

Powers and Roots Learning Material
Tutorial IDMath Tutorial TitleTutorialVideo
Lesson IDMath Lesson TitleLessonVideo
7.4.1What Are Surds?
7.4.2What are the different Types of Surds
7.4.3Properties of Surds
7.4.4Basic Operations with Surds

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