Pressure Conversion Calculator

Is converting pressure causing your pressure!! Math is fun, well, it should be but remembering all the units of pressure, their ratios and calculating conversions manually is definitely not fun. It's time to use the best Pressure Conversion Calculator and simplify you math calculations.

Pressure Conversion Calculator
Pressure Conversion Calculator

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Pressure Conversion Calculator- One of The Most Popular Calculators Of All Time

There are various types of pressure units that are being used on a day-to-day basis around the world. People often get confused with different units as it is not easy to remember each and every unit. Numerous units may be known to you but there are still many that may be completely alien. And, if you are in a profession that asks for conversions of units on a daily basis it is certainly a herculean task if you need to calculate the math manually. This is why iCalculator provide free online math calculators, this particular calculator is designed to calculate pressure conversions quickly and conveniently.

When we talk about pressure, we are talking about the physical quantity, not about your stress or suffering at your workplace, college or school. It would be much better if we first understand the definition of pressure in order to understand some of the pressure units and use of the calculator as well.

What is pressure?

The physical force applied to an object is termed as pressure. Pressure may also be defined as the perpendicular force applied per unit area on a body. Pressure may have different definitions but all of them will lead you to the same direction i.e., the role of a force in a specific area.

The formula for calculating pressure

The formula of the pressureis:

p = F/A


  • p is the pressure due to the force on a body
  • F is the force acting upon the body
  • A is the area on which the force is acting

SI is unit of pressure

The SI unit of pressure is known as Pascals (Pa) and 1 Pascals is equal to the force of 1 Newton acting upon 1 m2 area of an object.

Different types of pressure

Pressure may be of different types. Some of the different types of pressure are:

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Absolute pressure
  • Gauge pressure
  • Differential pressure

What are the different units of pressure?

Pressure can be converted into numerous units depending on its value, the force, the area upon which the force is acting and many other factors.

Some of the different units of pressure are mentioned below-

Pascal [ Pa ]

Pascal is known to be the SI unit of pressure and is one of the most used units to define the pressure on an object.

Atmosphere [ atm ]

An atmosphere is a unit of pressure whose value is equal to 101325 pascals.

Bar [ bar ]

A bar is a unit of pressure having a value equal to 100 kilopascals. It can also be defined as atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level.

A foot of air [0 °C]

The foot of air is a unit of pressure whose value is equal to 3.8640888 pascals and its symbol is ft-air 0°.

A foot of water [4 °C]

The value of a foot of water is equal to 2989.0669 pascals and its symbol is ft-water 4°.

A foot of mercury [0 °C]

The value of a foot of mercury is equal to 40636.664 pascals and its symbol is ft-mercury 0°.

Gigabar [ Gbar ]

The value of 1 Gigabar is about 1014 pascals and its symbol is Gbar.

An inch of mercury [0 °C]

The value of an inch of mercury is equal to 3386.388666666667 pascals and its symbol is in-mercury 0°.

An inch of water [4 °C]

The value of an inch of water is 249.0889083333333 pascals and its symbol is in-water 4°.

Kilobar [ kbar ]

The value of a kilobar is equal to 100000000 pascals and its symbol is kbar.

Torr [ torr ]

Being a non-SI unit of pressure, the value of a Torr is equal to 133.32237 pascals.

Technical atmosphere [ at ]

Technical atmosphere is one of the units of pressure having a value equal to 98066.5 pascals.

Pound / square foot [ psft ]

The value of a pound/square foot is equal to 47.88 pascals.

So these were just some of the units of pressure. All said, just knowing all of these units is not enough as you must also know how to apply or use them never mind remembering all the relating ratios between the units in order to manual convert the pressures. The answer is simple, use the pressure conversion calculator, it will help you perform all conversions painlessly with less pressure!!! (okay, converting pressure creates pressure, right!! Who said math's is fun!!). You can easily use this calculator anywhere and get your solutions within seconds. It is a user-friendly interface so you don't even need to bother about getting familiar with its use.

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