Square Pyramid Calculator

A Square Pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric shape which tapers to a point from a square base. You can calculate the lateral surface area, base surface are, total surface area and volume of a square pyramid using the Square Pyramid Calculator with full calculations and formula

The sides, or outer surfaces are triangular and the central axis are at right angles to the base.

Square Pyramid Calculator
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Square Pyramid Calculator Results
The Height (h) is
The Slope Height (s) is
The Edge Length (e) is
The Base Side Length(a) is
The Lateral Surface Area (L) is
The Base Surface Area (B) is
The Total Surface Area (A) is
The Volume (V) is

Using the Square Pyramid Calculator

Square Pyramid Shape Calculator: This image shows a Square Pyramid shape with associated calculations used by the Square Pyramid Shape Calculator

The Square Pyramid Calculator uses the following letters to denote specific math properties:

  1. Height (h) The vertical height of the pyramid
  2. Slope Height (s) The length of the sloped side
  3. Edge Length (e) The length of the lateral edges
  4. Base Side Length(a) The length of the four base sides
  5. Lateral Surface Area (L) The surface area of the pyramid in square units excluding the base area
  6. Base Surface Area (B) Surface area of the base in square units
  7. Total Surface Area (A) Total of the lateral and base surface areas in square units
  8. Volume (V) The volume of the pyramid in cubic units

The Square Pyramid Calculator uses the following equations:

Slope Height (s)

s = √h2 + 1/4 a2

Surface area of base (B)

B = a2

Lateral surface area (L)

L = a √a2 + 4h2

Total area

A = L + B


V = 1/3a2h

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