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The Ratio Finder by iCalculator™ is a ratio calculator that allows you to enter a main ratio and separate associated ratios to find ratios which are the equivalent to the main ratio. The Ratio Finder is designed to answer the question "Which of the following ratios match the ratio n:d?" where n is the specified ratio numerator and d is the specified ratio denominator. Click on the example ratio finder to see a an example of how this ratio calculator finds equivalent ratios.

Ratio Finder
Ratio Finder Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
Example Ratio Revision Question:
Which ratios within the following group of ratios are the equivalent of the ratio :?
Ratio Group:
The Ratio Finder found matches for the ratio :

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About the Ratio Finder

Ratio Finder. This image shows the properties and ratio finder formula for the Ratio Finder

The Ratio Finder is a tool designed to support Math revision with Ratios, specifically for calculating and comparing ratios to find equivalent ratios within a group, you can read more about equivalent ratios here.

The Ratio Finder is a good ratio calculator for students and teachers. Student can use the calculator to check their math homework when working with ratios and teachers can use the "View Ratio Finder Examples" to quickly generate ratio revision questions for equivalent ratios.

When you have entered the ratios or used the ratio example feature, you can print or email the results to yourself for later use. This is handy for teachers who want to quickly generate some example equivalent ratio questions and answers and for students who want to practice their math ad improve the working knowledge of ratios in math and physics.

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