Ratio Table Calculator

This Ratio Table Calculator is an excellent ratio calculator which supports math teachers and math students with ratio table calculations. The calculator allows you to produce ratio table examples (complete with example ratios table templates for question and answer sheets) which can be emailed/printed to help with ratio revision. Alternatively, you can create your own ratio tables and edit the values, then click reveal answers to see the missing ratio values within the ratio tables. You can find more detailed guidance on using the ratio table calculator below the tool.

Ratio Table Calculator
Ratio Table Templates [click to create ratio tables with 10 cells, includes separate Q. and A. tables]
Create your own Ratio Tables

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Ratio Table. This image shows the properties and ratio table formula for the Ratio Table

How to use the Ratio Table Calculator

The Ratio Table Calculator is a ratio calculator designed by iCalculator™ which allows you to generate ratio tables and find the missing ratio values within the ratio tables. This ratio calculator is designed for teachers and students. Math teachers can generate up to six separate ratio tables with random ratio numerators and denominators, these ratio tables include ratio tables with missing ratio values and the same ratio tables complete with answers to provide ratio table question and answer sheet templates. Each set of ratio table templates can be printed or emailed for your reference to help set ratio table homework for your students. Students can use the Ratio Table Calculator to create ratio tables and then manually add the known ratio numerator and denominators into the ratio tables. You can then click on the "reveal answers" button to see the ratio tables complete with all answers, this is very useful for checking your math homework and ratio coursework to ensure you are calculating the ratios correctly. Note: You must enter the full ratio (numerator and denominator) in the first table column to reveal all missing ratio values in the ratio tables.

How to create a Ratio Table with known values to find the missing ratio values

This part of the Ratio Table Calculator is most useful for students who have been given ratio table math homework to complete. The following steps with allow you to create upto 6 ratio tables, each with upto 10 ratio pairs (ten table cells when thinking in table terms).

  1. In the Section "Create your own Ratiio Tables",
    1. Enter the number of decimal places your ratios should be calculated to (this is useful is you are using ratios with decimal place values)
    2. Enter the number of ratio tables to create (you may have one table or more)
    3. Enter the number of cells within each ratio table. If you are note sure, cells is like "columns", you may be more familiar with that term.
  2. The Ratio Table Calculator will then create your ratio tables automatically.
  3. Now, foreach ratio table you created, click on the Edit button for the numerator line (the top row), enter the known ratio numerators and click save.
  4. Now, foreach ratio table you created, click on the Edit button for the denominator line (the bottom row), enter the known ratio denominators and click save.
  5. Once you have entered all the values you know, press "Reveal Answers" and the Ratio Table Calculator will calculate and display the Ratio Tables complete with all missing values displayed in bold.
  6. optional, if you are calculating ratios with decimal values, you can alter the number of decimal places to calculate the ratio to to see and understand how the number of significant figures and decimals affects the ratio calculation.

How to create Ratio Table Question and Answer sheets

Creating example ratio tables complete with question tables and answer tables is very easy with the Ratio Table calculator, simply click on one of the Ratio Table Template buttons [1 Table], [2 Tables] etc. and the calculator will automatically generate ratios tables complete with random numbers for the ratio numerator and denominator with question sheet type tables with missing ratio values and supporting answer sheets which show the complete ratio for each equivalent ratio within the ratio table.

Notes for Math Teachers creating Ratio Tables

  1. You can create upto 6 separate ratio tables, each will include a ratio table with a ratio defined with 9 equivalent ratios with either the numerator or denominator missing (the student is then required to calculate the equivalent ratio within the ratio table)
  2. Each ratio table is designed to be progressively harder, ratio table 2 is more challenging the ratio table 1 and so on
  3. You can print/email the ratio tables as many times as needed. Note that each time you click on the ratio table example button, a new set of ratio tables will be created.
  4. We provide a suite or supporting ratio calculators, each is designed to help improve your students working knowledge of ratios. If you believe there is a ratio calculator which should be added to our suite of ratio calculators then please get in touch. We add new ratio calculators for free on request.

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