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The Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator is a handy, quick and highly effective online calculator developed by iCalculator. This math calculator helps you simplify complex fractions without breaking a sweat. The Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator provides the full calculations and formula for the Inverse multiplication approach to simplifying complex fractions and the lowest common multiplier approach. Every step of the calculation is displayed (we added example values for you), once complete you can email or print the complete calculations so you can refer to it later. Please rate the calculator if you find it useful

Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

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Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculations using the Inverse Multiplication approach

Step 1: Convert mixed numbers and fraction to fractions

/ ÷ /
= ( × ) + / ÷ ( × ) + /
= / ÷ /

Step 2: Convert from division to multiplication

= / × /
= /

Step 3: Simplyfy Fraction

= /

Step 4: Convert to a mixed fraction and number

= /
Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculations using the Lowest Common Multiplier approach

Step 1: Convert mixed numbers and fraction to fractions

/ ÷ /
= ( × ) + / ÷ ( × ) + /
= / ÷ /

Step 2: Convert fractions to have a common denominator [ ]

= ( ÷ ) × / ÷ ( ÷ ) × /
= × / ÷ × /
= / ÷ /

Step 3: Remove denominators as both fractions are now relative values

= ÷
= /
= /

Note 1: When calculating the common denominator the Simplifying complex Fractions Calculator uses the "lowest common multiplier" (lcm) and not the "lowest common denominator" (lcd). This is deliberate as it allows for easier reading of the formula and step by step calculations for simplifying complex fractions. In real world calculations, you could use both lcm and lcd methods to calculate the simplified fraction.

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Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator. This image shows Simplifying Complex Fractions formula with associated calculations used by the Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

Everything You Need To Know About Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

Before we talk about why you need simplifying complex fractions calculator, let's take a look at its function.

What is a Complex Fraction?

Normal fractions are fractions where you have simple numbers as numerator and denominator. However, when you have a fraction in the numerator and/or the denominator, such a fraction is known as a complex fraction, which is also known as a compound fraction.

Let's understand the concept of complex fractions with the help of examples, shall we?

Suppose you have a complex fraction "X":

X = 62/5/23/9

This complex fraction can be written as:

X = 62/5 ÷ 23/9

In our complex fraction example:

  • The Numerator of X is 62/5
  • The Denominator of X is 23/9

Thus, by converting the mixed fractions to pure fractions we can state that:

X = 32/5 ÷ 21/9

To simplify this fraction, we first need to reduce the fractions in the numerator and denominator where possible.

And thus, X becomes

32/5 ÷ 7/3

Now, there are two ways to simplify these fractions.

LCD multiplication

The least common divisor or the LCD multiplication method involves finding the least common denominator. So, the LCD for the above fraction is

3 x 5 = 15

Multiplying the numerator and denominator with 15, we get

X = 15 × 32/5 ÷ 15 × 7/3
X = 96/35

We can also write this in mixed fractions as

X = 226/35

Let's move on to the second method,

Fraction Division

In the fractional division method, all you need to do is multiply the upper fraction by the reciprocal of the lower fraction.

X = 32/5 ÷ 21/9

Reducing the fraction in the denominator, we have

X = 32/5 ÷ 7/3
X = 32/5 × 3/7
X = 96/35


X = 2 26/35

The second method also brings us to the same answer in a faster way, or is it really that fast?

Why Use Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

We can simplify complex fractions using either of the two methods as shown in the examples above. We used the methods as described by the mathematicians and as taught to us. But in both the methods, we either did the multiplications and divisions manually or relied on a calculator. A standard calculator is also limited and thus, helps us in performing each step correctly.

But that doesn't change the fact that we need to perform each step manually and then rely on the basic calculator for the next step. The simplifying complex fractions calculator, on the other hand, requires you to just enter the two fractions as a numerator and denominator. The calculator will give you the right result faster before you can even blink.

How To Use Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator?

As mentioned above, this online calculator is extremely easy to use. Enter the numerator fraction in the upper textbox and the denominator fraction in the lower text box. Once you have entered both the values, the third click will fetch you the accurate answer instantly.

What are the Uses of Fractions in Real Life?

"I drove off to my friend's place at quarter past four and it took me about two and a half minutes to reach there." how many times have you come across words similar to these? The hours and time durations spent are often spoken about in fractions. Or we take two different time intervals and subtract them to see how much time was spent. The answer get is also in fractions more often than not.

Moreover, contractors, builders and construction workers work in fractions regularly. From calculating how many bricks are used in a wall to analyzing how much of something should be added to a certain quantity of another (mixing concrete for example), it all revolves around fractions.

And not to forget chemistry, mathematics plays an important role in chemistry. Fractions tell us exactly how much of a chemical is needed for a certain reaction.


When you come to think about it, complex fractions require us to do multiple calculations to simplify them. And all those calculations take a lot of time, effort and attention. Moreover, a slight calculation mistake, no matter how minuscule, will alter the results. This is where the simplifying complex fractions calculator developed by iCalculator saves the day. It's fast, accurate, reliable and absolutely free online calculator. Stop wasting your precious time simplifying complex fractions manually; let the power of technology make your life easy and fast.

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