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The Speed Distance Time Calculator can be used as a straightforward speed and distance converter, or as a calculator based on details entered. If you enter two properties into the Speed Distance Time Calculator, the missing property will be calculated. Further details and formula for calculating Speed, Distance and Time can be found below the Speed Distance Time Calculator.

Speed, distance and time calculator
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Example Time formats accepted in the Speed, Distance, Time Calculator

Time can be entered as hh:mm:ss , mm:ss or ss (hh=hours mm=minutes ss=seconds)

  • 1:30:50 = 1 hour, 30 minutes and 50 seconds
  • 28:45 = 28 minutes and 45 seconds
  • 186 = 186 seconds = 3 minutes and 6 seconds

Speed, distance and time converter/calculator

Speed, Distance, Time Formula

How to calculate Speed

Speed = Distance divided by Time

How to calculate Distance

Distance = Speed multiplyed by Time

How to calculate Time

Time = Distance divided by Speed

Speed Distance Time Calculator- How Much do You Really Know About it?

The interface we provide in the form of this online speed distance time calculator can be used directly to convert the speed, distance, and time of a body into each other respectively. The only condition is that you should know the values of two physical concepts and with the help of them, you can calculate the third one. For example, if you know the values of speed and distance, you can calculate the time taken to cover that distance in the given speed. For calculating the value of speed, you have to enter the other two values and the output unit as well. Similarly, if you want to calculate the distance covered, you have to enter the unit.

The speed, distance time calculator can help you in numerous ways. If you bought a new car and want to test it, or you go for a quick jog or run a bicycle. If you want to calculate your average speed, or distance travelled or time taken, this online speed distance time calculator can help you in all such situations.

Now that we have got enough information about this calculator, let us get some more valuable information about the average speed, distance, time, their formulas, and the use of this calculator in everyday life.

Speed, distance and time

We may all have heard about speed, but are you confident that you understand its concept perfectly? Speed is purely connected to physics. Whenever we think of speed, its formulas or vectors does not come to our mind for the very first time, instead, we think of a running person or a flying jet. Speed is generally associated with moving objects rather than scientific calculations.

In simple words, speed can be defined as the distance travelled by an object per unit time.

Properties of speed

  1. It is the total distance travelled per unit time
  2. Speed is a scalar quantity
  3. It is the magnitude of the velocity of an object
  4. Its SI unit is meters per second (m/s).

Calculation of the speed of an object

The formula for calculating the speed of an object is:



  1. S is the speed of the object,
  2. 'd' is the distance travelled by the object,
  3. And 't' is the time taken by the object to cover that distance.

When we are talking about time, in physical science, we define time as - the time is a measure or a measurement or what the faces of a clock read, in which different events can be arranged from the past through the present into the future.

Properties of time

  1. Time can be measured but it is an intangible existence.
  2. It does not exist in the physical state and thus, it is a non-matter existence.
  3. You can't prove the existence of time but the movement process elapses with it.
  4. Time has only a direction. It does not have any dimension.

Calculation of the time and object

The formula for calculating the time of an object is:

t= d/s


  1. 't' is the time taken by the object,
  2. 'd' is the distance travelled by the object,
  3. And 's' is the speed of the object.

Have you ever played cricket or watched someone playing? When some hits a six, have you wondered how far the ball goes? That's exactly what we call distance.

In physics, distance can be defined as the total movement of an object without any concern of direction. We can also define it as the ground covered by an object when it was in motion.

Properties of distance

  1. It is a scalar quantity
  2. It has its direction
  3. The shortest distance covered by an object between two points is called its displacement

Calculation of distance

The formula for calculating the distance covered by an object is:



  1. 'd' is distance,
  2. 's' is speed,
  3. and 't' is the time taken by an object.

Actual use of Speed, Distance and Time in real life

It is hard to imagine performing calculations related to the concept of speed, distance and time theoretically. The application of speed, distance and time can be found in fields such as Armed forces, where people often undertake a speed distance time test. They are aware of all the properties but still prefer using a conversion calculator as it helps them convert and calculate speed, distance and time quite effortlessly.

We began with the use of a conversion calculator in converting concepts like speed, distance and time and concluded at the necessary aspects of those concepts, and their real life application. Now it's just about understanding how productive it can be for people who engage with speed, distance, time on a daily basis. The purpose of these calculations could be different for different individuals but the utility quotient is equal to all. This online interface is easy to use and can be relied on every time you want to convert and perform calculations including speed distance and time. Just enter the values you have in hand and select the preferable output unit and you will get your solutions in no time at all!

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