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Sphere Calculator

About the Sphere Calculator

The sphere calculator allows you to calculate any of the three known variables of a sphere: Volume, Circumference and Area.

The calculator allows you to refine the inner circle cross section measurement (largest circle within a sphere which occurs as the exact midpoint of the sphere).

Please note that the sphere calculator is accurate to three decimal places. Please contact us if you require further refinement in support of a project etc.

Sphere Variables Calculations

  • Volume of a sphere: V = ( 4/3 )πr3
  • Circumference of a sphere: C = 2πr
  • Surface area of a sphere: A = 4πr2

Hemi-sphere Calculations

A hemi-sphere is one half of a sphere. We calculate the volume of a hemi-sphere by first calculating the volume of a sphere and then diving this by 2. Each separate two hemispheres being equal in volume to the entire sphere.

The surface area of a hemi-sphere is calculated by first calculating the area of the sphere and dividing by 2 as we did when calculating the volume of a hemi-sphere. We then need to add the area of the hemi-sphere at is base (or flat end if you prefer). This is achieved by calculating the area of the circle. The two figures are then added to provide the surface area of a hemi-sphere.

  • Volume of a hemi-sphere: V = ( ( 4/3 )πr3 ) / 2
  • Surface area of a hemi-sphere: A = ( 4πr2 ) + ( πd2/4 )

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