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Use this online calculator to calculate the properties of a cube and square. The Square and Cube calculator will automatically calculate all mathematical variants of a Square and Cube simply by entering one of the square elements. Enter any known dimension of a Square/Cube to calculate corresponding measurements

Square and Cube Calculator
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Square and Cube Calculator. This image shows the properties and formula for the Square and Cube Calculator

Square and Cube Calculator - The Best Way to Do Your Daily Calculations

The square and cube calculator we are going to talk about in this article is not the one that gives you the square or cube of a number, no. Rather, it's a calculator that gives you the information about these really simple geometric shapes. We'll talk about why we need this calculator later in the article. First, let's understand a square and a cube in simple words, shall we?

What is a Square?

A square is a 2-dimensional geometric figure with all sides equal and all angles at 90°. It's a regular quadrilateral with both the diagonals equal in length.

Properties of a Square

A perfect square meets the following properties:

  1. All sides are equal
  2. Opposite sides are parallel
  3. Adjacent lines are perpendicular to each other
  4. Diagonals of a square are perpendicular bisectors of each other

Now that we have a clear idea of a square and its properties, let's check the details of a cube now.

What is a Cube?

A cube is a 3-dimensional version of a square with all sides equal to each other. In simple terms, a cube is a symmetric figure consisting of six identical squares.

Properties of a Cube

Apart from the fact that a cube has same length, breadth and height, it must fulfill the following properties:

  1. All the six faces of a cube are square shaped
  2. Each face must meet four other faces
  3. Every angle of adjacent square should meet at the right angle (90°)
  4. Each vertex must meet three faces
  5. Every edge of the cube must be parallel to the opposite edge

Now that we know the basics of square and cube along with their properties, it's time to look at the square and cube calculator developed by iCalculator.

How Does the Square and Cube Calculator Work?

If you were asked to find the area of a square and its diagonal by when you are given the side of it sounds easy. But things are a lot different when you are doing these calculations many times a day and/or using huge measurements. In such cases, doing all the math manually is not only tiring, but also time consuming.

At the same time, this scenario also applies in the case of cubes. Finding out its volume and surface area becomes difficult when dealing with big numbers.

If you want fast results, you need to do things the fast way.

This is where the square and cube calculator come into the picture. With an extremely easy to use interface, the square and cube calculator merely asks you to type in the measurements.

Since the length and breadth/height of a square are identical, the square calculator merely asks you to feed in just one side. The calculator automatically gives you the area and the length of the diagonals running from one vertex to the opposite one.

To take things a step further, the cube calculator automatically picks up the depth of the cube too, since all the sides of a cube are of equal length! And thus, the square and cube calculator also tells you the volume of the cube and its surface area.

Real Life Applications of Square and Cube Calculator

Love to play chess? Great, it means you already know that it's collection of 64 alternating black and white squares spread across another big square. Tea coasters are mostly squares, but they do come in many other shapes, most often in squares with their edges rounded off. And if you look closely, you'll see most of the keys on the keyboard of your computer are square shaped.

Moving onto cube, we see more cubes in our life than we see a square! From Rubik's cube to ice cubes to sugar cubes, we see the rather simple geometric shape more often than not.

A square and cube calculator helps contractors in figuring out how many times paving stones can be put in a given area. If you are wondering about where the cube calculation will come up? Wait until you install cube shaped soundproofing lining in your room!


Cubes and Squares may come across as among the simplest geometric structures, but they play an important role in our daily life. The purpose of technology is to make our lives simpler and better, and our square and cube calculator does its job brilliantly. Quick and accurate results are just a click away.

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