Stadium Calculator

A Stadium is a two dimensional geometric shape consisting of a rectangle with semicircles at each end, It is also known as a Discorectangle. A Capsule is the three dimensional version of a stadium shape. You can use the Capsule Calculator here for three dimensional calculations.

Stadium Calculator

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Stadium Calculator. This image shows the properties and formula for the Stadium Calculator

Notes on the Stadium Calculator

  1. Changing the radius affects the height and overall length
  2. Changing the height affects the radius and overall length
  3. Changing the length of the sides affects the overall length
  4. Changing the overall length affects the length of the sides
  5. The area of the shape (in square units)
  6. The Perimieter is the outer edge of the shape

The Stadium Calculator includes the following formula


2r (2 x radius)

Overall length


radius x 2 plus length of straight sides


π x r2 + 2ra

Area of a circle formed by the two semicircles plus area of rectangle formed by length a x height)


2(πr + a)

Circumference of a circle formed by the two semicircles plus length of both sides[a]

π = 3.141592654 to 9 decimal places

What is the Purpose of a Stadium Calculator in the Real World?

Watching a match or a game in a stadium is the most immersive experience for spectators. From the collective vibes that keeps the spirits high to the joy of being in the moment, the match experience is indeed a cherishable memory. Building the perfect stadium is not a simple game. And it all begins with calculating the area of the stadium. So, before we proceed to the same, let's see what a stadium is.

What is a Stadium?

Imagine a circle of radius 'r' vertically cut in half. The two halves are then separated by a rectangle of height 'h' where h=2r and width 'a'. The total length of the stadium is denoted by L. Consider the image below for representation.

Alternatively, a stadium can also be defined as a geometrical figure in which a rectangle has two congruent semicircles accompanying at each side.

Geometrical Properties of a Stadium

A stadium is a 2-dimensional geometrical structure with the following properties:

  1. The maximum width of a stadium is equal to the diameter of the two semicircles.
  2. If the straight length of a stadium is 'a' and the radius of the semicircle is r, then the overall length of the stadium is 2r+a.
  3. The total area of the stadium is the area of the circle formed by joining the two semicircles and the area of the rectangular section.
Πr² + 2ra
  1. Similarly, the perimeter of a stadium is the sum of the circle's circumference and the length of the straight sides.
2(πr + a)

Why We Need a Stadium Calculator?

A stadium calculator takes away the hassle of finding the area and perimeter of a stadium manually. All you need to do is simple type in the radius and the length of the straight sides. The rest of the work will be done by the stadium calculator in a matter of few milliseconds.

Use of Stadium Calculator in Daily Life

A stadium calculator lets you analyze the overall area of the playable field, which further gives you an idea of how large the overall stadium should be. Depending upon the number of spectators you want to accommodate, the overall size of the arena also changes. The same calculation also lets you figure out the quantity of marking material you'll need to mark different spots, lines and lengths on the field.

But wait, stadium shapes are not limited to the 2-dimensional world alone. The 3-dimensional version of a stadium is called a capsule, something we all have seen and consumed for one purpose or the other.

Creating the right stadium is no child's play. A slight miscalculation can actually affect the game play, and it takes a lot to understand what went wrong. As a result, game authorities such as the International Olympic Committee and national game committees pay special attention to the mathematical accuracy of the stadiums. As a result, stadiums that do not meet standards are often reconstructed, which means time, resource and money wastage.


Say goodbye to the old and time-consuming methods of calculating the area of a stadium manually or making multiple calculations on an old calculator. Make way for the new and absolutely free of cost stadium calculator that gives you the correct results without making you scratch your head getting the fractions done.

A fully automated stadium calculator merely asks you for the basic dimensions and does all the calculations in a completely automated way, simultaneously. No need to wait for one result to make another calculation. Whoever said smart calculations have to be fancy and costly? Use the stadium calculator and get your measurements right in the first go.

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