Statistics Calculator

Statistics claculator quick guide: Statistic calculations - Mean, Median and Mode. Enter numeric of word data to produce an automated graph and statistics calculation.

Using the statistics calculator

Enter a range of values in the "Data Input" box, separated by commas or spaces (5000 maximum).

Alternatively paste a range of numbers into the box.

Note - if text (non-numeric data) is entered then the Total Value, Mean and Median are ignored.

A pie chart appears below showing the top ten values when the data has been processed.

(In the pie chart any values outside the top ten are grouped together as "Others").

There are 3 example buttons, these add data to demonstrate how the results are displayed:

Example 1 is integer (whole number) values, Example 2 is text and example 3 contains decimal numbers

Statistics Calculator

This calculator includes the following algorithms

The Mean (or Average) is calculated by adding all the values together, then dividing this by the number of values

The Median is calculated by sorting the values in order then selecting the value in the middle of the list

The Mode is the most frequent value in the range (there can be more than one value)

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