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Troy weight is a common metric unit that is used to address a particular type of objects such as precious stones including gold, diamond, etc. These precious objects are used frequently in our daily lives. What if you are asked to convert the units of these objects in different units of troy weight? It won't be a cakewalk. To offer you the ease of calculation, iCalculator provides this amazing troy weight conversion calculator that can convert between different units of troy weight much easily without wasting your time.

Troy Weight Conversion Calculator
Troy Weight Conversion Results

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Troy Weight Conversion Calculator. This image shows Troy Weight Conversion formula with associated calculations used by the Troy Weight Conversion Calculator

Why Your Weight Toolkit must have a Troy Weight Conversion Calculator

Let us explore more information about the calculator and the quantities related to it as well.

What is troy weight?

Troy weight is a unit of system of measuring mass that was originated for the very first time in England in the 15th century. This unit of measurement is commonly used to address precious metals such as gold, platinum, etc. The units of troy weight are:


The grain is known to be the traditional unit of weight whose value is equal to 64.798 91 milligrams.


It is one of the units of troy weight in the traditional troy system. Its value is equal to 0.00155517384 kilograms. It can also be referred to as 1/20 troy ounce or 24 grains.

Troy ounce

Troy ounce is the 2nd unit of traditional weight system which is most commonly used in jewellery and pharmacy. Its value is equal to 0.0311034768 kilograms.

Troy pound

Troy pound is also one of the traditional units of weight and mass whose value is equal to 373.2417216 grams.


These were some of the units of the troy weight system that are included in the above calculator. You can also get some other units to convert in this calculator including carat, dram, point, gram and milligram. Using this troy weight conversion calculator is also very easy. You just have to enter the value of the object, the starting unit and the unit you want as the final output. And you will get the results immediately.

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