Tube Weight Calculator

A Tube is a hollow cylindrical object. Also known as a pipe.

The Tube Weight calculator enables you to specify length, Material type and quantity to find the total weight.

Calculations can be saved to a table by clicking the "Add to Table" button (the table appears the first time the button is clicked).

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Tube Calculator: This image shows a tube with associated calculations used by the tube Calculator

Dimension Value Comments
Outer Diameter (D1) mm The outside diameter, equal to twice the outer radius
Inner Diameter (D2) mm The inside diameter, equal to twice the inner radius
Outer Radius (r1) mm The outside radius, equal to half the outer diameter
Inner Radius (r2) mm The inside radius, equal to half inner diameter
Thickness (t) mm The thickness of the tube wall
Length (L) mm The overall length of the tube
End Surface Area mm2 Surface area of one end of the tube
Outer Surface Area mm2 Surface area of outside of the tube
Inner Surface Area mm2 Surface area of the inside of the tube
Total Surface Area mm2 total surface area of the tube
Volume mm3 Volume of the tube
Optional - Material, Quantity and Weight
Material (Al) Post-transition metal
Weight per 1 kg Weight of one piece based on details entered
Quantity Quantity for weight calculation
Total Weight kg Total weight per quantity

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.

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This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Outer Surface Area = 2 x π x r1 x L

Inner Surface Area = 2 x π x r2 x L

Surface Area of ends = π x (r12-r22)

Volume = π x (r12-r22) x L

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