Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator

The Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator is an excellent calculator for converting Power and heat flow rates online. Calculations can be performed in seconds, great for saving time on math conversion and validating you own manual math calculations.

Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator
Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator Results
Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator: This image showsPower and Heat Flow Rate Conversion formula and algorythms associated calculations used by the Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator

Make Use of the Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator to Convert the Rate of Power

Energy, in this process we also refer to it as heat or heat flow, is constantly flowing into and out of the objects around us ( both living as well as non-living objects). We come across numerous power and heat flow incidents in our daily lives. Performing calculations related to them can be a difficult task but do you know what can make these math calculations worse? When you encounter quantities whose units are completely unknown to you, that's the most irritating situation for most attempting to manually calculate math formula. In order to get the exact value of those quantities in units that are known to you, you will need to convert them into your desired math units. Manual math calculation can be a long and frustrating process so you may prefer to use a free online calculator to work out the results.

One such calculator is a "power and heat flow rate conversion calculator", a free online calculator that converts the rate of power and heat flow in different units so that you can get the value of a specific term in different known units. Now that we have enough information about the calculator, let us understand some of the terms related to it.

What is power?

Power may be defined in different ways. It can be defined as the capacity or ability to do something or act in a specific way.

Power can also be defined as "the rate at which energy is converted into another form such as heat, motion, or electromagnetic field.

Watt (W) is known as the SI unit of power. It can also be defined as Joule per second (J/s).

We know that power can be defined in numerous ways. Similarly, power can also be expressed in numerous ways. Some of them are:

P = EI


  • P is the Power
  • E is the energy
  • I is the current
P = I2R


  • P is the power
  • I is the current
  • R is the resistance
P = E2/R


  • P is the power
  • E is the energy
  • R is the resistance

What is heat flow?

Heat may be defined as the energy produced or released while doing work to or from a thermodynamic system. The flow of heat or energy from one body to another is termed as heat flow. Heat always transfers from a body having a higher temperature to the body having a lower temperature.

The SI unit of heat flow is Joule (J) but in many applied fields other units such as the British Thermal Unit (BTU) and calorie is used. Watt(W) is known to be the standard unit for the rate of heat transferred, which is also termed as Joule per second.

How units of power and heat flow are converted?

When certain units of power and heat flow are converted into other units, a conversion factor is used. A conversion factor is nothing but a constant that is multiplied or divided with the starting value. If you want to convert a given number of a specific unit into another unit, just multiply (or divide if required) the given number with the corresponding conversion factor and you will get your resulting number into the desired unit.

We can express the whole thing into the above form:



  • S is the starting value
  • C is the conversion factor
  • E is the end result that is converted into the required unit

For example, if you want to convert 60 BTU/h into Watt, you need to multiply it with 0.2930711 W/ (BTU/h) i.e.,

60 BTU/h * 17.584266 W = 17.584266 W

In order to get the value of 17.584266 W into BYU/h, just divide 17.584266 W with 0.2930711 W/ (BTU/h) and the unit of the converted value will be BTU/h.


We can clearly see that converting a particular unit into a different one is a tedious task. Moreover, it also consumes a lot of time on unnecessary basic math, multiplying or dividing a number with another number, a math task that can be particularly tedious when the numbers are in decimal form is not simple. This is when a Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator plays its role. It can save you a lot of time and convert units of power and rate flow within seconds. Numerous units can be converted with the help of this calculator including BTU/h, BTU/min, BTU/s, cal/h, cal/min, cal/s, watt, etc.

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