Sharing Ratio Calculator

This ratio calculator allows you to specify the name of goods, products, services, money etc., the amount available and the number of people that are entitled to a share. The Share Ratio Calculator will then calculate the amount each person should receive as an equal share. You can then edit the share amount each person is entitled to receive to ensure that goods, products, services, money etc. are distributed failry based on the amounts of shares each person has.

Sharing Ratio Calculator
How many shares will each person get?
Sharing Ratio Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
If you were to share the apples equally, each person would receive apples each
By sharing the apples based on individual share ratio each individual will recieve:

Equal Share Ratio Formula

rs = t:u
rs = :
Sharing Ratio Formula and Calculations

Share Ratio Formula

rs = in × (t ÷ s)
Individual Sharing Ratio Calculations for each Shareholder
ShareholderShareRatio CalculationShare AmountRatio Share

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations is shown further below this page. As you enter the specific factors of each sharing ratio calculation, the Sharing Ratio Calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the formula elements with each element of the sharing ratio calculation. You can then email or print this sharing ratio calculation as required for later use.

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Sharing Ratio. This image shows the properties and sharing ratio formula for the Sharing Ratio

Introduction to Sharing Ratios

We are all taught to share fairly from a young age, providing an equal share of food, toys, access to facilities etc. is a key component that helps support a fair society. Sharing is therefore a key part of the math curriculum as sharing allows us to distribute goods in a logical and controlled manner. The Ratio Calculator is a good tool for learning how to share evenly and how to distribute goods and money based on share value, the tool can be used for specific share ratio calculations or as an aid to check ratio math homework and/or coursework.

There are two ways that we share:

  1. Equal Share: When we distribute things evenly between all members of a group, each person receives and equal share. When we consider this from a math perspective, we can calculate the amount each person will receive using the equal share ratio formula (see below).
  2. Weighted Share: When we distribute things unevenly between members of the group, each person receives a different amount, typically based on criteria (entitlement or share) this results in each person receiving a "weighted amount" i.e. uneven amount though the amount can be said to be equal to the share held. When we consider this from a math perspective, we can calculate the amount each person will receive using the ratio share formula (see below).

Using the Sharing Ratio Calculator

The Sharing Ratio Calculator uses the "Equal Share Ratio" math formula and the "Ratio Share" math formula and automatically calculates the share value for both situations based on the distribution of goods, products, services, money etc. using each share formula. Please note that if you wish to calculate the difference between the amounts received using each share ratio you should use our Equal Share verses Ratio Share Calculator.

Calculating the fair share based on equal share or share ratio is fairly intuitive using the Sharing Ratio Calculator but for those who may not be familiar with the calculators provided by iCalculator™ we will talk you through the steps required to calculate ratio share:

  1. Choose Calculator Precision: this allows you define the number of decimal places that the Sharing Ratio Calculator will calculate each share to.
  2. Enter the name, description or title of the goods, products, services, money etc. that you wish to share
  3. Enter the total number of goods, products, services, money etc. that are available to share
  4. Enter the number of people who are entitled to a share. When you update this value, the Sharing Ratio Calculator will create an input for each person (title P1, P2 et, for Person 1, Person 2), if you would like to enter the exact names and calculate the ratio share for money or shares distribution then we suggest you use our Ratio Calculator for Money and Shares.
  5. For each of the people in the group, enter the share amount that they are entitled to receive. The Ratio Share Calculator will automatically calculate each of the results and provide details fo the formula used for each calculation.
  6. [Optional] Email or Print your ratio share calculations for later use

For Students and academics: we have provided details for the formula used for the ratio calculations within the Ratio Share Calculator so you can validate the math and use these for your own manual ratio calculations as required.

Equal Share Ratio Formula and Calculation

res = t:u


  • res = Equal Share Ratio
  • t = total amount of goods, products, services, money etc. to share
  • u = units - the amount of people or lots the goods, products, services, money etc. will be distributed between

In an equal share ratio calculator, each unit value is equal to one share (u = 1) therefore the actual share can be calculated using the following formula:

as = t ÷ u


  • as = Actual Share

Calculating an equal share ratio and the amount of goods, products, services, money etc. that each individual will receive is quite straight forward but what happens when the share is not equal? For example, one person may be entitled to two shares rather than just one. In this instance we would need to use the "Share Ratio Formula" which allows us to share goods, products, services, money etc. based on each individual receiving different share amounts, let's look at the formula for this ratio calculation.

Ratio Share Formula and Calculation

The Ratio Share formula has a few more steps to complete when compared to the equal share ratio formula, let's start by looking at the final ratio share formula, we will then break each part of the formula down into its component parts

rs = in × (t ÷ s)


  • rs = Ratio Share
  • in = individual share allocation
  • t = total amount of goods, products, services, money etc. to share
  • s = total number of shares available (s = i1 + i2 = i3 + i4 ...)

You may have already noticed that a key difference between the equal share formula and the ratio share formula is that the equal share formula is calculated once and the result then applied to each person whereas the ratio share formula is calculated separately for each member of the share group (shareholder). The Sharing ratio calculator provides the computation of each formula for each shareholder in the calculator results, this is useful for checking your ratio homework and calculations to ensure you are calculating your ratio math correctly.

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