3 Ratio Calculator

The 3 ratio calculator allows you to calculate the equivalent value of 3 ratios and produces a ratio table with each of the ratio values transposed into 50 equivalent values. Each ratio can be refined to a specific number of decimal places.

3 Ratio Calculator
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3 Ratio Results (detailed calculations and formula below)

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations is shown further below this page. As you enter the specific factors of each 3 ratio calculation, the 3 Ratio Calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the formula elements with each element of the 3 ratio calculation. You can then email or print this 3 ratio calculation as required for later use.

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The three ratio calculator is a simple ratio calculator, if you wish to produce more complex ratios, convert ratios or produce bespoke ratio tables then you should choose a specific ratio calculator to meet your needs from our Ratio Calculators suite.

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