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When people want to write a matrix in the rational canonical form, they use the concept of the companion matrix. Manually completing these calculations and conversions is not an easy task, that's why a good online calculator makes math easier to complete and great for validating your math revision and math homework. Sometimes, we define a companion matrix with the columns and rows switched (i.e., the transpose of the given matrix). For these lengthy calculations, you can use our online interface, the companion matrix calculator, which is made to save you a lot of time and make your work much easier.

Companion Matrix Calculator
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Companion Matrix

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Companion Matrix Calculator. This image shows the properties and Companion Matrix formula for the Companion Matrix Calculator

Companion matrix calculator

We cannot say that all the square matrixes are similar to a companion matrix. However, we can conclude that all the matrices are similar to a matrix which is made up of the number of blocks of the companion matrices.

The Companion matrix is very easy to use, all you need to do is enter the required sequence as the input in this online calculator, the companion matrix calculator will complete all the calculations automatically. You will get accurate results immediately.

Feel free to use this online companion matrix calculator anytime to get quicker and reliable results each and every time

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