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Use this online calculator to calculate the cubic capcity of an object. The Cubic Capacity Calculator enables you to find the cubic capacity of a cylinder or cuboid (box) and the metric and imperial liquid measurements

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Cubic Capacity Calculators, An Online Calculator to Gauge the Cubic Capacity of Any Object

There are various kinds of math calculators in the market so what's special about the cubic capacity calculator? Let us learn about the cube first. Of all the shapes that we encounter in our day to day lives, cubes are equally popular shapes as the other ones. Be it the bathtub in your bathroom, the trunk of your car, the refrigerator or the oven you use in your kitchen, everything is a cube. The problem does not arise every day, but at certain times you need to calculate the capacity of such cubic objects. That is the time when a cubic capacity calculator comes into play.

The chair you sit on, the carom you play with, the room you stay in, the cupboard you use, everything may be a cube or a cuboid.

Now that we realize how often we come across cubes in our daily lives, let us see what's a cube, its properties and more about the problems that cubic calculators can solve.

What is a cube?

In mathematics, a cube is a 3-D solid body that is bounded by 6 square faces, sides or facets and three of them meet each other at each common vertex. There is a total of 12 edges, 6 faces, and 8 vertices in a cube.

When we are talking about hexahedrons, the cube is the only regular hexahedron. It is also the only convex polyhedron whose all the faces are squares.

A cube can also be defined as a box-shaped solid body having six identical square faces or sides.

Drawing a perfect cube with a running hand is almost effortless because you only have to draw 2 identical squares upside down and you can connect their edges in order to draw a cube.

What are the properties of a cube?

A cube is a 3-D object but it can be represented on a 2-D surface with the help of its properties. Here are some of the properties of a cube-

  1. Each and every face of a cube is a square.
  2. All the faces of a cube are meeting the other four faces.
  3. All the angles of a cube are right angles (90 degrees).
  4. All the vertices of a cube meet 3 faces.
  5. The opposite edges on the faces of a cube are parallel to each other.
  6. The length of the face diagonal of a cube is √2 x units, where 'x' is the side of a cube.
  7. The length of the diagonal of a cube (also termed as body diagonal) is √3 x units, where 'x' is the side of a cube.

Why do I need a cubic capacity calculator?

It might seem easy to calculate the capacity of a cube or cuboid or other related shapes, but it is time consuming too. At certain times, you are given some lengthy calculations related to finding the cubic capacity of an object and that is the time when a cubic capacity calculator comes into the picture.

The only three measurements you need to know in order to find the cubic capacity or volume are the length, width and height (the case when all of them are identical, we call it a cube).

Suppose, you are given the length, width and height of an object and you need to find the capacity or volume, it won't be much difficult for you to find the same but if you are using a cubic capacity calculator, it will help you save a lot of time. All you need to do is to enter the dimensions in the required field and you will get the result within seconds.

How do I calculate the capacity of a cubic object?

In case, when the dimensions of the object are different, the formula for calculating the capacity is given by-

C= a*b*c


  • C is the capacity of the object,
  • a is the length,
  • b is the width,
  • and c is the height.

In case, if the dimensions of the given shape are identical, the formula is given by-

C= a*a*a

Where C is the capacity of the object and a is the side of the object (generally a cube).

Calculating capacities of cubes in everyday life

Calculating capacities in everyday life is a difficult task and it will take a lot of time if you do it without a calculator. Engineers use such calculators in day to day life when they are working on some projects and they encounter with cubes. Architects do it when they need to draw the blueprints of a building. Mechanical engineers use it when they need to design the trunk of a car.

To sum it up, a cubic capacity calculator is a simple yet highly efficient tool that makes cubic calculations fun, quick, easy and adds to productivity at work. Irrespective of using it for doing homework, or solving problems, you can also use it in your everyday life.

If you have the value of the side, you can easily calculate its capacity. That is how a cubic capacity calculator works and simplifies calculations in day to day lives.

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