Time and Date Difference Calculator

The Time & Date difference calculator allows you to work out how many free days or business days you have within a set amount of time, calculating the exact years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes between the two dates. You also have the option to define Saturday and/or Sunday as a business day for duration calculation purposes

Time & Date Difference Calculator

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How to use the Time & Date Difference Calculator

  1. Enter your start date and time by either using the small arrows to increase/decrease by single days us use the larger arrow to choose a date on the calendar
  2. Choose the end date and time using the same method as previously
  3. Enter the amount of Business days if necessary
  4. Press "calculate" and the Time & Date difference will appear underneath

How is this calculator useful for me?

The Time & Date difference calculator can be useful in multiple ways. This online calculator provides you with a quick clear calculation, with the option to include business days, it is a quick easy way to calculate how many free days you have within a particular timescale. For example, with specific deadline projects this tool will provide how many business days you have running up to the due date, which is particularly useful to break down priorities for workload and so forth.

The History Behind Date & Time

Date and time seems quite simple to us now, forming part of our every day lives, in fact, we can barely look anywhere without seeing what time it is: with the use of clocks on microwaves, fridges, desktop clocks, bedside alarm clocks, clocks on our mobile phones, tablets the internet and so forth. With time and date tools all around us it can be difficult to believe that it never used to be so simple. Time measurement began in ancient Egypt with the invention of the sundial some time roughly prior to 1500 B.C. The unit of time used to be based on the period of daylight, splitting the daylight period into 12 equal parts meaning that each Egyptian hour was in fact different each day and changed significantly throughout different seasons.

It becomes much more complicated when it comes to date and calendars. Without going into too much detail, years and months used to be based on either the moon or the stars, either basing it off when the moon rotated in full cycle (29.5 days) or basing it off the brightest star Sirius, which makes a full rotation every 365 days and 6 hours.

These rudimentary ways of measuring time provided a basic level of planning but nothing lie the exact date and time planning we have at our fingertips in the modern era, the Date and Time Difference Calculator is a good example of this.

Planning months ahead with specific time frames would have be impossible to achieve historically but now you can use our Time & Date Difference Calculator and get a calculation in seconds!

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