Graphic Calculator

The Graphic Calculator is a powerful tool that allows you to draw a graph based on javascript math functions like Math.sin and Math.cos. With this calculator, you can visualize complex mathematical functions and explore the relationships between variables. In this tutorial, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the calculator, interesting facts about math functions, and the mathematical formulas used to draw the graphs.

Graphic Calculator
(uses Javascript maths functions, e.g. Math.sin)
Graphic Calculator Results

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Interesting Facts:

  • Math.sin and Math.cos are examples of trigonometric functions that are used to calculate the relationships between angles and sides of triangles.
  • Mathematical functions can be used to model a wide range of phenomena, including physical systems, economic trends, and biological processes.
  • Graphs are a powerful tool for visualizing data and identifying patterns and relationships.

Mathematical Formulas:

The mathematical formulas used to draw the graphs are based on the mathematical functions entered into the calculator. For example, the formula for a sine wave is:

y = A * sin(Bx + C) + D

where A is the amplitude of the wave, B is the frequency, C is the phase shift, and D is the vertical offset.

Results in HTML:

To display the graph in HTML, use the following code structure:

A * Math.sin(Bx + C) + D

See the examples provided for additional information on the structure of the input.


The Graphic Calculator is a valuable tool for visualizing mathematical functions and exploring their relationships. By following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, you can use the calculator to generate graphs of various mathematical functions. Remember to include interesting facts about math functions to engage your audience and make your content more informative.

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