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How to Use the Metric Units Conversion Calculator for Faster Calculations

To understand how this math calculator works it is important to first understand the metric system in detail.

What is the Metric System?

Also known as the International System of Units (S.I.), the metric system is a globally recognised and approved system of measurements. Here are the following base units of measurement in the metric system:

  • Length: meter
  • Mass: kilogram (kg)
  • Time: second
  • Electric current: ampere
  • Temperature: kelvin
  • Quantity: mole
  • Light intensity: candela

What are the Various Units of Distance in Metrics System?

With the base unit of 1 meter, also written as metre in some countries, the most common units of metric system are:

  • Kilometer: 10³ meter or 1,000 meters
  • Hectometer: 10² meter or 100 meters
  • Decameter : 10 meters
  • Meter: 1
  • Decimeter: 0.1 or 1/10th of a meter
  • Centimeter: 0.01 or 1/100th of a meter
  • Millimeter: 0.001m or 1/1000th of a meter
  • Micrometer: 0.000001m or 1/1000000 of a meter
  • Nanometer: 1/1000000000 of a meter (that's where the name Nanotechnology is derived from)

Apart from the aforementioned units, we also have a special unit to calculate atomic masses, Angstrom which is 1/10000000000 of a meter, that's ten zeros there.

Why is Metric Units System So Popular?

While miles and kilometers are the two most common used units to measure distance, the latter is accepted globally because it's a metric system, equivalent to a thousand meters. The high popularity of metric system is generally credited to:

  1. The fact that the majority of countries in the world follow the metric units system.
  2. With all the base units (meter for distance, gram for mass, and liters for volume), all the prefixes of metric units system have the same meaning. For example, 1kg = 1000grams, 1km = 1000 meters, etc.
  3. Metric units system is extremely easy to use as you can see from the units discussed above, it is based on the power of 10. In the metric units system, a rational number stays rational.

Why Use Metric Units Conversion Calculator?

Conversions are really interesting and equally crucial. Almost all the numerical questions of physics and mathematics have questions that require us to convert units. More often than not, we are given distance or other values in a unit that we need to first convert into S.I. units.

A metric units conversion calculator makes this conversion really simple. Instead of converting metric units manually, this simple to use online calculator gives you accurate results instantly.

To use the metric units conversion calculator, you simply need to enter the value you want to convert. Next, simply choose the unit you want to convert it from and the unit you want to convert the value into.

These three steps don;t even take 30 seconds and you get the desired value even faster, within a matter of nanoseconds.

What are the Applications of Metric Units in Daily Life?

We have metric units system revolving all around us without us paying much attention. For example:

● A typical visiting card is 5cm on the short side ● A typical Cd or DVD is 12cm in diameter ● A doorknob is 1m high ● A door is 2m high ● 1 litre of water weighs 1kg (please note that we always use the international spelling of litre and not the American spelling of liter as iCalculator supports a global audience) ● 1 light year, the distance travelled by light in one year, is calculated by multiplying the speed of light per second and multiplying it with the number of seconds in a year. The answer you get is about 05 trillion kilometers.

At the same time, a car with 1500 cubic centimeter engine capacity is 1.5 litre. This is the volume of fuel the engine burns in one complete cycle.


The metric units system is the most user friendly and widely used system of measurement in the world of maths. With the majority of the math world encourage use of this unit of measurement as it really does make calculations easier and metal arithmetic straightforward. That said, the metric units conversion calculator allows us to know how much of the base unit is equal to the other variants. The most common example of metric conversion is an electricity bill: if you consume 1 kW of power in one hour, you'd have consumed one unit of energy. This is further used in calculating how much units of electricity your air conditioner will consume. How much is 1 megawatt? Use our metric units conversion calculator to figure it out!

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