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Everything You Need to Know about the Minutes to Hours Converter Calculator

The Minutes to hour converter calculator is a highly effective and efficient online calculator. This extremely easy to use ratio calculator works on a very simple algorithm. For example, one hour has 60 minutes.

The minutes to hour calculator converter calculator gives you the exact count of hours based on the number of minutes you enter. The calculation is carried out at lightning fast speed, giving you the desired result in a matter of seconds.

How to Use the Minutes to Hours Converter Calculator?

The minutes to hours converter calculator is a very practical online calculator to help you through many day to day tasks that you may often struggle with.

Suppose you work in an office where you need to use a project/process management system. The system has all your tasks assigned to you and you need to enter your task reports in this tool on a daily basis. Some tasks may take you a few minutes, while other tasks may require hours of work.

It's easy to calculate how many hours were spent on a task when you work on it for hours. But when you work on a task in the intervals of minutes, for example, when you need to go for many discussions throughout the day. In these situations, calculating how many hours you spent in total in discussion becomes difficult.

This is where a minutes to hours converter saves the day. All you need to do is keep track of how many minutes you spent in discussions. Add up all those minutes and enter the value in the math calculator developed by iCalculator. The moment you enter the value, the minutes to hours converter calculator automatically gives you the total time in hours and minutes.

For example, if you spent a total of 138 minutes in discussions, the calculator will instantly tell you that you spent 2 hours and 18 minutes. It will also tell you the hours in decimals. For example, 45 minutes are equivalent to .75 hours.

The minutes to hours converter calculator is also helpful in planning your trip. A minute spent here, a minute spent there may seem negligible. But before you know, all these small pit stops add up into hours of total breaks, making your journey longer than it originally would've been.

Importance of Time in Real World

Time, without a doubt, is the most important investment in anyone's life. Let's take the example of Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world who won 9 gold medals in 2 Olympic Games. Given his speed and the distance he runs in each race (100m), Usain has run for a total of 115 seconds in 3 Olympics. That's 5 seconds short of 2 hours, and he earned more $119 million. So, each second of his race earned him more than a million dollar.

To reach this point, he trained for more than 20 years. How many minutes will that be? And how many hours do they add up to?

The same goes for mountaineers, astronauts and scuba divers. The oxygen tanks they carry have limited oxygen capacity. They need to be frugal with their oxygen supply. The weight of the cylinder determines how many hours and minutes of oxygen a person has.

From school to professional to every other walk of life, time is the one factor that reigns above all. From speed to acceleration, the frame of reference is time.

Application of the Minutes to Hours Converter Calculator

The minutes to hours converter calculator comes in really handy wherever a maths, physics or day to day question revolving around time comes up. The playtime of a film is measured in minutes, which Google shows you after the algorithm changes it into hours.


Time management is the biggest challenge of the current times. From performing tasks at hand to calculating time duration of journeys to making life altering decisions, time plays a crucial role in all of them. While performing all these tasks and making all these decisions is not easy, converting minutes into hours should not be a challenging task. And this is exactly why iCalculator developed the minutes to hours converter calculator.

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