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A ratio is a mathematical term to show the relationship between two numbers of the same kind. This is a good calculator for understanding the basics of ratios, we also provide links to related calculators with supporting tutorials to help you build your knowledge of ratios and check your own calculations and answers to ensure you understand how to calculate ratios correctly. We have provided a video which covers the basics of ratios below, this is designed for those new to the topic and those new to iCalculator™ who may not be familiar with the free calculators and tutorials we provide.

Use this calculator to simplyfy a ratio and express it in terms of 1:n or click on the options below to complete alternate math calculations for ratios:

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Ratio Calculator
Ratio Calculations

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Ratios Explained

Ratios can be expressed in several ways, this ratio calculator calculates ratios and displays the results using various ratio expressions as shown below:

  1. The ratio of A to B
  2. A:B
  3. Form 1:n and n:1
  4. A is to B as C is to D

Ratio calculations can be saved to a table using the Equivalent Ratio Calculator, this is useful when you need to calculate several ratios and then compare the ratios on completion

How to add, subtract, multiply and divide ratios

Now that we have covered the basics of how ratios can be expressed, you can review the additional information on ratio expression or jump straight to the ratio tutorials covering basic math functions with ratios:

How can Ratios be expressed?

Ratios can be expressed in a numbers of ways, as a decimal, a fraction as a related comparison or as is more commonly seen a percentage. for example a ratio of 1 to 2 can be expressed as:

  1. 1-2 is a ratio expressed in using a hyphen, whilst this is quite commonly used it should be avoided as the hyphen also represents the minus sign in math and can be confusing in long algorithms or if using computer code or computers to process a math calculation
  2. 1:2 is a ratio expressed in typical math format using a colon
  3. 1 to 2 is a ratio expressed in written words
  4. 1 per 2 is a ratio expressed in written words
  5. 0.5 is a ratio expressed as a decimal number
  6. 50% is a ratio expressed as a percentage
  7. ½is a ratio expressed as a fraction

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