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Have you ever seen Usain Bolt running? Can you guess how fast he runs? What if we try to calculate the average speed of Usain Bolt while he runs? For calculating the average speed of Usain Bolt, we need the distance he travelled and the time in which he finished his race. But what if you are told to convert the speed you got into different units? Isn't it tedious? That is why we made this online speed conversion calculator to make math fun with less time doing manual math calculations.

Speed Conversion Calculator
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Everything You Want to Know About A Speed Conversion Calculator

When you are told to calculate the average speed of a person or an object, it seems like an easy task (however, it is not) but converting the resulting speed into different units is certainly a more difficult thing. For that, you need to convert the final speed into the desired unit by multiplying or dividing it with a specific conversion constant. That is when a speed conversion calculator comes into play.

Now that we have learnt a little about the calculator, let us discuss some of the quantities related to it.

What is speed?

The concept of speed is purely related to physics. We define speed as the rate of change of the motion of an object. It can also be termed as how fast an object changes its position. We can also define speed as the distance travelled by an object per unit time. If a person travels 1 metre in 1 second then their speed will be 1 metre per second.

How do we calculate the speed of an object?

The formula for calculating speed is:

s = d / t


  • s is the speed of an object
  • d is the distance travelled by the object
  • t is the time taken by the object to cover that distance

How the units of the speed are converted?

The units of the speed of an object are converted by using a conversion factor or a conversion constant. In order to convert the speed of an object from one unit to another, we multiply or divide the speed with the respective conversion factor.

Mathematically, it can be denoted:

S * C = E


  • S is the speed of the object
  • C is the conversion factor
  • E is the speed of the object in the desired unit

What are the different units of speed?

Speed can be converted into numerous units. Some of the units of the speed of an object are mentioned below:

Meter / second [ m/s ]

Metre per second is the unit of the speed which is known as its SI unit.

Centimeter / hour [ cm/h ]

It is one of the units of the speed and its value is equal to 0.00000277 meters per second.

Centimeter / minute [ cm/min ]

It is also a unit of speed and its value is equal to 0.0001666 meters per second or 60 centimetres per hour.

Foot / hour [ fph ]

Foor per hour is equal to 0.00008466 meters per second.

Foot / minute [ fpm ]

Being a unit of speed, its value is equal to 0.00508 meters per second or 60 feet per hour.

Kilometer / hour [ km/h ]

Kilometre/hour is the most used units of the speed. It is used in speedometers, road signs and numerous other places.

Meter / minute [ m/min ]

The value of a metre per minute is equal to 0.016666 meters per second or 60 meters per hour.

Mile / hour [ mi/h ]

It is known as an imperial unit of speed and it is considered to be the standard unit of speed of the roads of the UK and USA.


So these were some of the units of the speed. If you are told to convert the speed of an object into any one of these, it would take you a lot of time because you need to perform the required math calculations including the conversion factor. Using this online calculator by iCalculator will save you time.

If you think using the calculator needs some familiarity or time to get used to it, you will be pleased to find that it's tremendously user friendly. Just by entering the value of speed, the unit from which the speed is being converted and the unit in which you want the final answer, you can get the results immediately as you hit the enter key.

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