Time Converter

This calculator performs straightforward conversion on five aspects, Time, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Changing one aspect updates the other four.

Time format is dd:hh:mm:ss, where dd=days, hh=hours, mm=minutes and ss=seconds - separated by a colon (:)

There are three example buttons showing time formats as below:

Example 1 = dd:hh:mm:ss

Example 2 = hh:mm:ss

Example 3 = mm:ss

Time Converter
Time Enter time in dd:hh:mm:ss format
Days Enter number of days in decimal format
Hours Enter number of hours in decimal format
Minutes Enter number of minutes in decimal format
Seconds Enter number of seconds in decimal format

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 4 decimal places.

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